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The fantastic theme parks of the Riviera

Bellaria is situated between Ravenna and Cattolica, right in the middle of an area that numbers some of the best theme parks in Italy and Europe. You can get to all the theme parks very quickly, without having to waste time driving.


hotel vicino mirabilandia

Mirabilandia - 25 Km

Experience a fun-filled holiday in the biggest theme park in Italy. Mirabilandia has 44 attractions and 15 shows that are great for people of all ages. The park comprises 800 thousand square metres of pure entertainment. Enjoy unforgettable days among Ferris wheels, waterfalls, mini trains, thrilling roller coasters, haunted houses, and dinosaurs. Experience true speed and be amazed and enchanted by this park! And when the sun gets really hot, everyone can jump into the Mirabilandia Beach swimming pools to cool off and have fun on the slides and water games. Mirabilandia is only a 20 minute drive from Hotel & Resort Paris by expressway.
hotel vicino mirabilandia

Italia in miniatura - 6 Km

Do you want to see the whole of Italy in one day? At Italia in Miniatura you can! This is one of the most fascinating miniature theme parks in the world. It faithfully reproduces the whole “boot” of Italy from Sicily to the Alps, with all its monuments and beautiful famous sights. Italia in Miniatura welcomes visitors with new and different attractions every time: the Arcobaleno Monorail, the Science fairground, the Laser & Music Show, the Sling Shot, and Water Cannon. Miniature Venice is a must. It is a reproduction of the Venetian Grand Canal. You can go on the most famous sightseeing tour in Italy aboard little gondolas and visit the lagoon, sail under the Rialto Bridge, and arrive at a small Saint Mark’s Square. Italia in miniatura is only a 5 minute drive from Hotel & Resort Paris by expressway.
hotel vicino italia in miniatura

Atlantica di Cesenatico - 10 Km

In the heart of Cesenatico there is a wonderful water theme park surrounded by greenery where you can have endless hours of fun. It has a surface area of 100,000 m2, 42,000 m2 of which are grassy, 5,700 m2 comprise pools that are kept at a constant 28° degrees, and 430 m of water slides. There are also 3 restaurants, 1 pizzeria, 2 kiosk bars, and a large external car park. Atlantica is only 10 minutes from Hotel & Resort Paris.
hotel vicino italia in miniatura

Fiabiliandia - 18 Km

Fiabilandia in Rivazzura, Rimini, is the perfect park for children with over 30 attractions situated in 150,000 m2 of greenery. It offers exciting live shows, teaching exhibitions, and a renowned 4D cinema. There are also many colourful attractions, magical hamlets, haunted castles, and mazes to explore. Children and their families will experience a fairy tale like atmosphere at this park. Fiabilandia is only 25 minutes from Hotel & Resort Paris.
hotel vicino fiabilandia

Aquafan - 25 Km

Aquafan in Riccione is one of the first big water theme parks to have been built in Italy. To date it is the most famous park of its kind in Europe. Have fun in its many pools to the rhythm of Radio Deejay’s live music broadcasts! You can also jump high waves and slide down the famous 90 m long Kamikaze waterslide, or down Speedriul, a funnel shaped slide which you ride down on a dinghy, as well as the new Strizzacool, the scariest super slide in the park. Aquafan is only a 20 minute drive from Hotel & Resort Paris by expressway.
hotel vicino aquafan riccione

Oltremare - 25 Km

Oltremare in Riccione is the fantastic world of the famous curious dolphin Ulysses. This large theme park offers non-stop fun for everyone, and a unique and exciting experience that will involve all your senses through the marvels of nature. The main attraction is one of the largest dolphinariums in Europe, which is surrounded by amazing habitats that are populated by numerous living species from various evolutionary stages. The park’s 110,000 m2 surface area comprises sea, land, and air wildlife to welcome visitors of all ages. Only Oltremare combines learning with such fun. Oltremare is only a 20 minute drive from Hotel & Resort Paris by expressway.
hotel vicino oltremare

Acquario di Cattolica - 30 Km

Over 100 tanks with sharks, penguins, turtles, and jelly fish, await curious visitors at the Cattolica Aquarium. The aquarium offers a variety of routes so you can discover the history of the planet and its biological evolution. In some of the tanks you will also see species that have survived for millions of years, such as large sharks that are considered to be living fossils. The tour takes you on an under water trip around the world starting with the Mediterranean Sea, travelling through the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific and Indian Oceans, until you reach the beautiful Red Sea coral reef, which is inhabited by very colourful beings. The Cattolica Aquarium is a 25 minute drive from Hotel & Resort Paris by expressway.
hotel vicino acquario le navi di cattolica

Delfinario di Rimini - 13 Km

At the Rimini Dolphinarium you can discover all the secrets and marvels of the fascinating world of the most loveable sea mammals of all: dolphins. This is an unforgettable chance to come face to face with sea life and to renew your respect for nature and animals. It is also a great way to learn about our sea friends and to get to know them better. The dolphins put on a show of entertaining twirls, dives, and games in the water. They are trained by a team of young and expert staff, and are waiting to entertain people of all ages. The Dolphinarium is only 20 minutes from Hotel & Resort Paris.
hotel vicino delfinario di Rimini

San Marino Adventures -25 Km

San Marino Adventures is an amazing adventure park where you can immerse yourself in nature while you have fun and experience exciting tree attractions in complete safety. Of all the large theme parks in Italy, it is the biggest of its kind on the Adriatic Riviera, and guarantees fun for all: children, teenagers, and adults, too, thanks to its 14 trails in the woods. Cables, suspended bridges and nets, pulleys, bridges of all kinds, tunnels, and free climbing walls are just some of the attractions that make this park a unique and sought after place to spend a special day at.
San Marino Adventures is only 25 minutes from Hotel & Resort Paris.
hotel vicino San Marino Adventures

Parco Tematico & Museo dell'Aviazione - 23 Km

This Theme Park and Aviation Museum was opened in 1995 and comprises a 100 thousand m2 exhibition area with over 50 planes. It is the largest museum of its kind in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe. Just under half of the 50 planes in the exhibition are Russian, while a large part of the others are their Western rivals. Of the latter, many are American, and some are Italian. The route through the park is about 3 km long. It is a great adventure for enthusiasts of large planes that have made aviation history. The Theme Park & Aviation Museum is only 25 minutes from Hotel & Resort Paris.
hotel vicino museo dell'aviazione

Museo Ferrari - 25 Km

The official Maranello company museum is a shrine to the Ferrari legend. It houses cars, photos, and trophies that have marked Ferrari’s world wide successes. The Ferrari Gallery, the company’s official exhibition, is visited by over 200,000 Ferrari enthusiasts from all over the world, every year. The Gallery is divided into theme areas. Each area will live up to the expectations of car racing enthusiasts and vintage car experts alike, with its exhibits that comprise: Formula One, Sports cars and Sports Prototypes, and Granturismo series exhibits. The Ferrari Museum is only 25 minutes from Hotel & Resort Paris.
hotel vicino museo della ferrari

Indiana Golf - km 25

In this Minigolf theme park you will experience an unusual adventure among waterfalls, rocks, tropical plants, small lakes, and sounds and music of the forest. You can choose one of 2 picturesque routes: the Lost Arc or the Last Crusade.
In addition, you will find a wonderful well-equipped area for children including baby sitters, a gazebo and video surveillance. Indiana Golf is only 25 minutes from Hotel & Resort Paris.        
hotel vicino museo della ferrari

Eden Park - km 5

EDEN PARK was created out of love for animals and nature. It has a surface area of 35,000 m2 and aims to encourage reproduction in captivity of water species that are at risk of extinction. The plants and water displays are set out harmoniously to look like a botanical garden, in which the animals are free to roam about. The park’s teaching and cultural aims are clear as there are numerous botanical and zoological boards with information about each animal and plant. Animals are completely free to wonder around in the park, so do not expect to find them posing next to the information boards. You will have to try to spot them and recognize them along the way. Eden Park is open all year round and is only 4 minutes from Hotel & Resort Paris.                                           
hotel vicino museo della ferrari