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Discover the countryside with its sea, hills, and old hill top towns.

By simply taking a trip into the hills you will discover a land that is steeped in history, art, culture, and traditions, and which offers excellent food and wine.
It is easy to fall in love with the Marecchia Valley with its hill top towns and fortresses that date back to the Malatesta domination. It is fascinating to seek ancient Roman remains throughout the area, as well as some of the greatest Medieval and Renaissance treasures.
What is more, by simply planning a day trip, you can get to some of the most extraordinary Italian art cities.

200 Km - FLORENCE  160 Km – ROME  350 Km

Rimini... A town that is steeped in history...

Rimini is not just synonymous with the beach and the sea. Simply strolling towards the old town, you will encounter sites of enormous historical and cultural interest including the Roman amphitheatre, the extraordinary Domus del Chirurgo (Surgeon’s home) dating back to the II Century A.D., the Arch of Augustus, built in 27 B.C in honour of Octavian Augustus and ancient gateway to the city, and last but not least the “Ponte di Tiberio” (Tiberius Bridge), which Augustus commissioned but which was completed under Tiberius in 27 A.D.   
The most famous masterpiece however is definitely the Tempio Malatestiano (the Temple of the Malatesta family), a jewel of the Renaissance. It was designed by Leon Battista Alberti for the Malatesta family. It harbours precious works by Piero della Francesca, Matteo dei Pasti, Agostino di Duccio, a large painting by Vasari, and a priceless crucifix by Giotto. 
The Castle of Sismondo also dates back to the Malatesta dominion. It served as the Rimini residence of the Malatesta family. Nowadays it hosts prestigious international exhibitions.

San Marino, ancient land of freedom

La Repybblica di san MarinoSan Marino is a famous ancient republic with a notable historical heritage, interesting museums, and priceless architectural marvels. It is only a few kilometres from the sea, and thanks to the altitude of Mount Titano on which the republic stands (750 m a.s.l) it is a wonderful Medieval terrace from which to admire the Romagna coast. As well as strolling down its steep and narrow streets discovering the most evocative places, San Marino also offers a wide range of handicraft objects and souvenirs. (30 Km).

Gradara, a living fairy tale

GradaraGradara is an ancient hill top town with a fairy tale like atmosphere and an old feel to it, where the legend of the overwhelming and tragic passion between Paolo and Francesca (wonderfully described by Dante) lives on.  
Imposing walls enclose an enchanting town that takes you back to Medieval times, thanks also to numerous events that bring Medieval dances and customs to life. Strolling through the streets, particularly in the evening, thanks to the skilful lighting of the castle that is surrounded by centuries-old oak trees, lovers will be enveloped by a unique and romantic atmosphere in which love, poetry, and history blend with a magnificent landscape. (40 Km)

Santarcangelo, where traditional Romagna lives on

Santarcangelo di RomagnaSantarcangelo di Romagna is made special by its traditions, monuments, mysterious grottos, popular fairs, and Theatre Festival. It is the home of wrought iron craftsmen and traditional rust printing on typical Romagna linen. While Santarcangelo is close to the sea, its atmosphere is different, and makes it one of the most picturesque towns in the area. (8Km).

San Leo, a Castle that affords an unforgettable view

La Rocca di san LeoSan Leo stands on a hill 600 m above sea level. The view from here is unique and encompasses woods and rocky mountain peaks, badlands and fortresses, farms and the Marecchia River. In the Castle you can visit the dungeon of Cagliostro, an alchemist who was intent on finding the philosopher’s stone. In the old town, which dates back to the 17th Century and which is well preserved, there is a monumental religious complex, which is unique and which makes San Leo a true “city of art”. (30 Km).

Urbino, an ancient city and a shrine of art and culture

UrbinoUrbino is synonymous with art and culture and is included in the Unesco “World Heritage List”. The Palazzo Ducale (Duke’s Palace) museum is highly renowned and houses works of art from the 14th to the 17th Centuries. Its Renaissance masterpieces are also famous and make it a very significant example of Italian architecture. Urbino is the birth place of Raffaello, and houses many of the artist’s works, as well as masterpieces by Piero della Francesca and Giambellino.
The small shops in the old town are very characteristic. Here you can see traditional craft skills close up, and purchase handicraft objects (60 Km).

Ravenna, travel back in time

Il Mausoleo di Ravenna  Visiting Ravenna you will discover all the wonderful treasures that this city harbours. Ravenna was three times capital of Italy: under the Western Roman Empire, under the reign of Theodoric the Great king of the Ostrogoths, and during the Byzantine Empire in Europe. Situated near a magnificent pine wood, it is characterized by an extraordinary complex of baptisteries, mausoleums, and basilicas (the most renowned being undoubtedly the Basilica of San Vitale). Harmonious classical architecture blends with the beauty of precious marble and famous Byzantine mosaics.   
The city also boasts possession of the tomb of Dante Alighieri (the great Italian Medieval poet), which is in the Convent of Saint Francis. Besides all its art treasures, Ravenna is also famous for its long luxurious avenue, which is full of fashionable shops. (55 Km)

The Frasassi caves are magical and surreal

Le grotte di FrasassiThese caves, which are the most famous chalk formations in Italy, are another fascinating sight that reminds us of what nature is capable of creating. Thanks to the guides that work here you will enter the various cave areas and marvel at its magical atmosphere. This underground journey is predominated by an unreal silence that is broken only by drops of water that fall from the formations that bring life to this ever evolving natural complex. (140 Km)

Boat trips, have fun out at sea

Le grotte di FrasassiDo not miss relaxing and entertaining trips out at sea that are organized by the friendly crew of a tourist boat that has a special deal agreement with Hotel & Resort Paris. Every day you can choose a different destination out of the many on offer: a cruise along the coast, a trip to the aquariums and dolphinariums… with plenty of fish, wine, music and dancing on board!! (departure from the beach in Bellaria)