History and future of the hotel

It all began with a love story in Paris… ♥♥♥

Grandmother Olga was a cook like her two sisters in the famous “Trattoria del Cacciatore”, a family restaurant in Sant’Angelo di Gatteo (10 Km from Bellaria), known throughout Romagna for its typical pasta specialties and game dishes. Then she decided to move to Paris and here she met grandfather Ottavio Roman, of Venetian origins, that it was for working as mason there.

From their love story it matured subsequently the idea to create a hotel together in Romagna with naturally grandmother Olga in kitchen. Thanks to the masonry works done in the first person by the grandfather Ottavio and the culinary experience of the grandmother, the dream then turned into reality after so much hard work since 1950…. and what better name could they have given to their “Villa” if not the place where they fell in love and it all began!

Today, after over 70 years, our family is still directly present in kitchen (as well as in the management of the hotel in general), with constant commitment to respecting tradition and authenticity … just as grandmother Olga has always taught us!

The future of the Hotel…

From the 50s to today we have gone from very few rooms to more than 50 and the structure has undergone numerous interventions both architecturally and in terms of services …
Continuing in this direction of qualitative change, we decided, after renovating the first and second floors, to renovate the third floor soon, which is certainly affected by the weight of its years …
The interventions will be aimed at creating:

  • larger rooms, with new facilities and even brighter, thanks to the very large openings
  • larger and more comfortable bathrooms
  • larger sun terraces that allow total relaxation

Following pictures of the third floor renovation project: