Bellaria Igea Marina hotel with free and guaranteed parking

The Hotel & Resort has two adjacent parking lots for a total of more than 40 car seats (FREE). In reason for this, we succeed in guaranteeing to our clients an important characteristic that really few hotels on the coast succeed in promising:

A place auto guaranteed for all of our guests in one of the 2 bordering parking of ours

Almost the entirety of the posts are fenced parking with automatic opening with bar code

  • You won’ t have to park along the city streets with place payment auto
  • You won’ t have to leave key to the reception
  • We won’ t move your auto,con you risk of scratches…
  • It won’ t be parked where it’ s not known what the place is…

… will be free from all of this and also the more maniacs for the auto calm sleeps will sleep!  Grant you a custom vacation for your demands, choose the Hoterl Paris Resort, your Hotel in Bellaria Igea Marina Rimini with free and guaranteed parking!!